Who were the Largest American Indian Tribes?

There is a selection of American Indian tribes, some larger than others, some of the communities have declined in numbers as members move to civilization and marry outsiders. But there are a few that still stand strong and are considered the largest in America.

The Navaja

The Navaja Tribe is also known as the Dine Tribe. They are the largest in North America and up to 2000 there were 298,197 people belonging to this tribe, according to the census. They have their own government body and are one of the few tribes that have been able to maintain their culture, still speaking their mother tongue and making jewelry and sand paintings relevant to their culture and natural beginnings.

If you happen to visit the Navaja tribe you won’t find any virtual phone service or italian cooking, this is one of the few tribes that have kept to their original roots and culture.

Originally the Navaja tribe was hunters and gatherers; it was the Pueblo people who taught them farming techniques. They still live in handmade homes called Hogans, which are eight sided houses, made of wood and mud.


The Cherokee is one of the most popular of the American Indian tribes and are mostly from Kentucky, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee and Carolina. They refer to themselves as the Principal People and they are one of the earliest tribes considered by the colonists as one of the Five Civilized tribes. This tribe embraced civilization and technology.

The Cherokee tribe have blended into society easily, enjoying suboxone treatment kaizen, they still have their culture and roots, but have melded this with today’s environment.

Today the Cherokee tribe has broken into three main tribes each with their own government, even though these governments are little governments within the USA, they are still bound by American law. There are smaller communities found mostly in Georgia and Alabama, but these smaller communities have not received official recognition, they live on reservation land.


The Apache tribe is a tribe made up of various Native American groups, they speak Southern Athaaskan. The largest communities are found in Oklahoma, Kansas, Denver, Los Angeles, Phoenix and San Diego. Information can be ound here on the internet on the tribes that are considered the largest in America both in yesteryear and today.

When you go for an Africa safari and you watch the wild animals around the truck you are driving in, you realize how people lived all those years ago, how they hunted for food and survived off what the earth had to offer, just like the American Indians used to do before civilization took over.

There are seven Apache languages spoken today. This was the most powerful American Indian tribe who opposed the Mexican and Spanish for many years. The Tonto Apache tribe was forcibly removed from their reservation in 1875 which was promised to them by the US Government, very few returned. They lived in extended family units with parents, children and married daughters all remaining under one roof.