History of American Indians

United States was once home to many American Indians who inhabited this great place thousands of years before. Before Columbus conquered America these Native Americans or American Indians lived in tribes, hunted for a living and greatly prospered with their hunting and farming talents. Democratic policies reigned within their ethnic tribes. These people lived in the North American and also colonized part of Alaska and the Hawaiian islands. There was a lot of antagonism and rivalry between the tribes and lack of education and morals made them blood thirsty for each other.

History shows that peace and brotherhood reigned within the members of the tribes and they lived in complete harmony. They held the Mother Nature and all its elements as pure and sacred and respected it greatly. Their origins can be traced back to Siberia from which they migrated on horses and on foot without the technological advantage of a minibus hire in those times.

The peace was shattered and the echoes of war started ringing in the air when the Europeans set foot in America. This was the moment when Columbus decided to conquer this land and to rule it through the laws made by him. It was like the Europeans in the lead of Columbus were swishing a wand made of one example and wanted to cleanse all of America of these aboriginal Americans. They considered them as filth and could not come in terms with the differences in culture and traditions. Whereas, the American Indians suffered greatly as they contracted the infectious diseases which these migrating Europeans had brought with them. Many American Indians died due to lack of competent medical aid in their tribes and those who survived the infections were left to die in the throes of agony and war. The scenario could have been described as having a degree of bachelors in criminal justice but no means to put their education to defend the innocent. The Native Americans were aboriginal hunters and expert in the ways of defense but with Europeans standing in their way they were unable to protect their tribe members and their women.

The Europeans were expert at battle strategies and they had guns and horses as their elite weapons. The Europeans wanted to settle down and were looking for lands. They decided to enhance acquaintance and comradeship with the tribal groups that were spread around the North America. They started trading with each other by mutual desires. It was like the Europeans were offering IT jobs and executive MBA programs to ardent candidates. They were offering their guns and swords in return for meat, fruits, vegetables and leather goods.

Though they settled well over the trading practices they still ignited violence and anger in matters of land ownership. This was just like the American Indians achieving their masters degree in criminal justice but still being unable to protect themselves from the wrath of the Europeans. This could be because the Europeans would always remain the certified candidates of completing online masters in education because of their tenfold advancement in technology.