The Classic American Southwest

The American Southwest that we know today is very different from the classical past of this area. This is one of the most important historical places that have seen the rise and fall of nations and settlers. This is a very important place because of is historical value. Let’s have a look at the classic American Southwest and its history.

The Ancestral Puebloan people were the inhabitants of the Four Corners in the classic American Southwest. These people are considered to be the original inhabitants of that place. Now the places of this arena are known as Old Oraibi, Arizona; Hopi villages, Walpi; the village of Acoma, New Mexico. These are the oldest villages of that part of America. Since 1100, people have been living in these villages. They have now become the historical sites with their ruins.

At the beginning of the 14th century, many people started moving from that arena. The tribes that were living in that part of America arrived after them. Those ancient groups abandoned their place and culture and moved away from that place.

They were replaced by the new comers. The new tribes were: Utes, Navajo etc. They were living in peace with the local people. All of them were living peacefully. But the whole face of that place got changed when the Anglo-Americans and Spanish people invaded this area. A lot of changes took place and the whole place got a new identity.

The Spanish came in the mid-sixteenth century. They arrived in 1540. The Southwest was trodden by the Spanish explorer Francisco Vasquez de Coronado and his group. They killed a lot of Indians and tried to impose their culture upon the local people.

A large group of Mexican and Spanish settlers arrived in that place in 1598. Like their predecessors, they were also in search of wealth. They also treated the Indians like their predecessors. They killed a lot of people. The local Indians tried to resist but they could not. They were either killed or taken as prisoners to be sold as slaves.

In 1608 a new governor was appointed whose name was Pedro de Peralta. He made Santa Fe his capital. This is still the capital of New Mexico and the most ancient capital of American Southwest. The Spaniards were trying to subjugate the local people by destroying their ceremonial and religious objects. The tribal people united against that Spaniards and kicked them out of their land.

British people have first established their colony in 1607, in Virginia. Later the pilgrims arrived in Plymouth. After the defeat of the Spaniards, the united tribes became weak due to tribal feuds. So, the Spaniards again came back in 1692. After that there were a few clashes between the British, Spanish and Mexican settlers. So, there were a lot of migrations.

Life of the people in that arena did not change though the settlers changed. Life for them was very difficult. They had to leave their homelands. They had to move away from their roots. They could not resist. Those who resisted were either killed or tortured.

The classic American Southwest bears the history of settler victory and the extreme form of oppression of the natives by the rulers.

Overview of Classic American Indians

The American Indians (History Channel Link) were already in America by the time the first European explorers arrived. The explorers found over three hundred tribes speaking over two thousand languages, they called them Indians, and this was way back in 1492.

Today many of the Indians have settled into the European lifestyle, some even adopting Christianity as their religion, while some remain on reservations and remain close to their roots.

The better known tribes are the Blackfoot, Sioux, Cheyennethe and Cornanchette. Back then the men were hunters and protected the tribe, while the women cared for the children and farmed the lands.

In those days you didn’t get best buy coupons or business electricity rates, so they used what was available to them on a land they had inhabited for hundreds of years.

The Indians had to fight to protect their land in the 1800’s. Various presidents during this time tried to have them removed and after many blood baths, many of them chose the European ways. Today there are five hundred and sixty recognized tribes in America.

The tribes lived like nomads, their homes were lightweight and portable, called wigwams in some cases and they moved to where there was fertile ground and comfortable living areas. They moved so much there was no point calling in San Diego floors or visiting a green surf shop, because they would just pack up their homes and move on as needed.

It is believed that the Indians came from ancestors in Asia and they arrived in America on foot by walking a bridge which lead into Canada, they didn’t carry mexican blankets or rely on an umbrella company to keep them safe, they moved around the country and soon had tribes all over North America.

While today many of the original American Indians live on reserves and reservations they are still considered US citizens and abide by the rules of the country. You can do a simple search to find out about some of the tribes as you would if you were searching for a scrabble dictionary or a lifecell review.

Gone are the days where the Indians relied on canoes to fish and horses to travel, many of them now have university degrees and live happily with the rest of the nation. If you decide to do a search be sure to click here when prompted to find out as much as possible about the people who had lived in America for years before the Europeans came knocking on their door.

From the culture and heritage we can see some of the amazing artwork and crafts these people did early on and how they survived by hunting and farming, protecting their villages and their tribes to how they were forced to adopt European culture. But even today they are proud of their heritage, which they are and who their ancestors were, it’s not something they have forgotten. There are many Indian schools where the children continue to learn the cultures that they fought so hard to keep.

History of American Indians

United States was once home to many American Indians who inhabited this great place thousands of years before. Before Columbus conquered America these Native Americans or American Indians lived in tribes, hunted for a living and greatly prospered with their hunting and farming talents. Democratic policies reigned within their ethnic tribes. These people lived in the North American and also colonized part of Alaska and the Hawaiian islands. There was a lot of antagonism and rivalry between the tribes and lack of education and morals made them blood thirsty for each other.

History shows that peace and brotherhood reigned within the members of the tribes and they lived in complete harmony. They held the Mother Nature and all its elements as pure and sacred and respected it greatly. Their origins can be traced back to Siberia from which they migrated on horses and on foot without the technological advantage of a minibus hire in those times.

The peace was shattered and the echoes of war started ringing in the air when the Europeans set foot in America. This was the moment when Columbus decided to conquer this land and to rule it through the laws made by him. It was like the Europeans in the lead of Columbus were swishing a wand made of one example and wanted to cleanse all of America of these aboriginal Americans. They considered them as filth and could not come in terms with the differences in culture and traditions. Whereas, the American Indians suffered greatly as they contracted the infectious diseases which these migrating Europeans had brought with them. Many American Indians died due to lack of competent medical aid in their tribes and those who survived the infections were left to die in the throes of agony and war. The scenario could have been described as having a degree of bachelors in criminal justice but no means to put their education to defend the innocent. The Native Americans were aboriginal hunters and expert in the ways of defense but with Europeans standing in their way they were unable to protect their tribe members and their women.

The Europeans were expert at battle strategies and they had guns and horses as their elite weapons. The Europeans wanted to settle down and were looking for lands. They decided to enhance acquaintance and comradeship with the tribal groups that were spread around the North America. They started trading with each other by mutual desires. It was like the Europeans were offering IT jobs and executive MBA programs to ardent candidates. They were offering their guns and swords in return for meat, fruits, vegetables and leather goods.

Though they settled well over the trading practices they still ignited violence and anger in matters of land ownership. This was just like the American Indians achieving their masters degree in criminal justice but still being unable to protect themselves from the wrath of the Europeans. This could be because the Europeans would always remain the certified candidates of completing online masters in education because of their tenfold advancement in technology.

The Top 3 Places in the USA to Visit to Learn About American Indians

As there is no scarcity of people who are interested in studying in online MBA no GMAT; there is also no scarcity of people who are interested in travelling different important places in U.S.A. One of the most important things that the people want to visit is the places that are related to the American Indians.

American Indian culture was really distinct from what is known to be modern American culture today. So, most of the people, who love history and wish to know about the real natives of America, would wish to know about the American Indians. They would love to visit site that will give them a feel of that ancient culture and the ancient community. So, many people wish to go to those places. For example, some may wish to see the American Indian villages. There are popular tour companies that offer this throughout the United States, like this company.

As there is no dearth of students who are interested to know about the MSW programs; there is also no dearth of people who wish to visit those sites related to the American Indian experience. There is no shortage of small and big sites in U.S.A. but some of the most important places to visit in U.S.A that are related to the American Indians are located in Arizona. This is the place where there are a number of places that you can visit to have a feel of that lost culture. To know about three of the most important places, you can read here.

The tribal communities who are still living there are very friendly and they welcome people from home and abroad to see their lifestyle and the ruins of the lives of the ancestral people. They let the visitors have a feel of their native history, culture and experience a historical journey back in time. If you wish to know about those places, you can also visit the users website of different travel agencies. But here we have picked three of the most interesting places.

The first one in our list is called the Tonto National Monument. There you will be able to see the Native American shelters made inside the shallow caves. These dwellings are 700 years old. You will find the ruins there. These are the homes of the Native Salado people.

The second one in our list is called the Ahakhav Tribal Preserve. As we go to the labrador retriever for getting back our Labrador; we can also go to this place to retrieve the lost history of the American Indian people. You can have there a lot of exciting activities like birding, swimming, canoeing, and fishing and can have a feel of the ancient tribal life.

The third place that we have in our list is called the Hopi Mesas. This is a very small area which is encircled by Navajo Nation. This place is inhabited by the Hopi people. You will be able to know about their culture and their lifestyle. As you visit the amazon Australia website to know about the price details of different things; you can also visit this site to know about the lives of the Hopi people.

Who were the Largest American Indian Tribes?

There is a selection of American Indian tribes, some larger than others, some of the communities have declined in numbers as members move to civilization and marry outsiders. But there are a few that still stand strong and are considered the largest in America.

The Navaja

The Navaja Tribe is also known as the Dine Tribe. They are the largest in North America and up to 2000 there were 298,197 people belonging to this tribe, according to the census. They have their own government body and are one of the few tribes that have been able to maintain their culture, still speaking their mother tongue and making jewelry and sand paintings relevant to their culture and natural beginnings.

If you happen to visit the Navaja tribe you won’t find any virtual phone service or italian cooking, this is one of the few tribes that have kept to their original roots and culture.

Originally the Navaja tribe was hunters and gatherers; it was the Pueblo people who taught them farming techniques. They still live in handmade homes called Hogans, which are eight sided houses, made of wood and mud.


The Cherokee is one of the most popular of the American Indian tribes and are mostly from Kentucky, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee and Carolina. They refer to themselves as the Principal People and they are one of the earliest tribes considered by the colonists as one of the Five Civilized tribes. This tribe embraced civilization and technology.

The Cherokee tribe have blended into society easily, enjoying suboxone treatment kaizen, they still have their culture and roots, but have melded this with today’s environment.

Today the Cherokee tribe has broken into three main tribes each with their own government, even though these governments are little governments within the USA, they are still bound by American law. There are smaller communities found mostly in Georgia and Alabama, but these smaller communities have not received official recognition, they live on reservation land.


The Apache tribe is a tribe made up of various Native American groups, they speak Southern Athaaskan. The largest communities are found in Oklahoma, Kansas, Denver, Los Angeles, Phoenix and San Diego. Information can be ound here on the internet on the tribes that are considered the largest in America both in yesteryear and today.

When you go for an Africa safari and you watch the wild animals around the truck you are driving in, you realize how people lived all those years ago, how they hunted for food and survived off what the earth had to offer, just like the American Indians used to do before civilization took over.

There are seven Apache languages spoken today. This was the most powerful American Indian tribe who opposed the Mexican and Spanish for many years. The Tonto Apache tribe was forcibly removed from their reservation in 1875 which was promised to them by the US Government, very few returned. They lived in extended family units with parents, children and married daughters all remaining under one roof.

What Was The Culture Of American Indians?

Long before the United States of America rose as a superpower from among the nations of the American continents, there lived a peaceful but brave group of people.  For centuries, American Indians roamed the vast expanse of the Americas in search for a habitable domain while they commune with nature.  The American Indians developed a culture uniquely their own but nevertheless had a great impact on other cultures of the world.  What was then the culture of the American Indians?

The terminology “American Indians” generally refer to the indigenous peoples who lived or are living in the area that is now known as the United States of America.  The other terms “Indian,” “Native American,” “indigenous American,” or “Native” are also acceptable.  Majority though prefer to be called by their specific tribal name whenever possible.  For instance, the Native North Americans of the Southwest desire to be called as the Apache Indians.

According to a US 2012 census, there were 5.2 million American Indians, Alaska Natives, and other people who belong to more than one race.  In the same year, there were 566 federally recognized Indian tribes spread throughout 14 states with over 100,000 Native Americans residents.  It is also noteworthy to know that there are over 4,000 American Indians in Hawaii based on the 2010 U.S. Census.

American Indians have accumulated a rich and storied culture as they endured struggles and triumphs throughout the centuries.  When they first settled in the uncultivated American plains, American Indians developed their own songs, dances, and feasts until their tribes blossomed into a highly structured society.  They brought their culture with them as they were forcibly driven out of their lands by foreign invaders.

We were influenced somehow by the ancient Indian cultures observed many centuries ago.  Are you familiar with the teepee, totem pole, peace pipe, and moccasins?  These are symbols that we may have taken for granted but they all originated from the Native Americans.  American Indians were expert farmers and animals breeders (particularly horses).  Although they revered animals as spirits, American Indians hunted animals for food.  Animal skins and hides were transformed into clothing and drums.

American Indians, who were known as brave warriors, believed in the supernatural and the deity.  Believing that the rain and sun as gods, American Indians performed rain dances begging the gods to let rain fall and nourish their crops.  They also believed that the spirit of an animal was assigned to each person.  When the person dies, his or her spirit is absorbed into the animal.  American Indians celebrated life with many rituals, such as marriage or a boy’s initiation to adulthood.

After decades of struggle, American Indians were finally given their due respect and place in American civilization as they held steadfast and preserved their unique culture.  Today, American Indians live as normal US citizens.  Some may be working as doctors in bayne jones Army Community Hospital, or in stores like Flowers Victoria BC, or as programmers who block unwanted programs that hack facebook.

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